Often referred to as the bohemian part of town, the borough of San Telmo is full of charming little corners perfect for photography. Lose yourself in the narrow, cobbled streets of the oldest borough in Buenos Aires, and you’ll stumble upon plenty of antique shops and crumbly, but very photogenic buildings.

Here are some of our favourite shots from San Telmo.

San Telmo is also the perfect borough for photographing the passion of Tango. After all, Tango was a dance born in the streets of Buenos Aires, so where’s better to see a show than where it originated from! The best place to catch a free Tango show is Plaza Dorrego.

San Telmo was once an area of Argentina’s noblest families, until a yellow fever epidemic forced them to abandon their homes in 1871. Their beautiful mansions have been transformed into bohemian art galleries, cafes and shops (check out Casa de los Ezeiza on the Defensa street).

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Top Tip! Take advantage of the free tours offered by the Government of Tigre. There is currently one that covers San Telmo:

Remember to book in advance.

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