Borrowed Roads is a Travel and Mindfulness blog for everyone.

If you want to find out more about who we are, and why we decided to focus on both travel and mindfulness, you’re in the right place.

Meet Ema…

Travel in Marrakech with Ema


Ema grew up in Lithuania, swimming in the lakes in the summer, and skating on them in the winter. She loves a good inspirational quote and learning new phrases in various languages.

When she isn’t practicing yoga under a tree in the park, she’s probably tucked under a blanket in a hammock reading a book about life or out and about taking snaps of landscapes.


Meet Adam…

Borrowed Roads, meet Adam, dog high-five

Born and raised in beautiful Devon on the Jurassic coast in England, Adam spent much of his youth climbing up cliffs or sat around a fire on the beach. He is a free spirit with a love for animals and nature.

Adam has a thirst for adventure, and can often be found exploring the urban roads on his longboard or plotting his next rural escape.


Meet Borrowed Roads…

Travel with Adam and Ema


“Shall we quit our jobs and travel the world?” – Adam suggested.

“Sure.” – Ema agreed.

Life is too short to not make spontaneous decisions, we think. So, we made one and you’re looking at it right now. Borrowed Roads is our little corner of the internet that follows our journey, and aims to inspire you for yours. Through our travel and life adventures, we want to tell you travel stories, share what life on the road can teach us, as well as how travelling can enrich our souls.

We hope you enjoy your time here.

Live well, travel far.

Borrowed roads x

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